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If American Girl Dolls Were Real Girls 0

Your American Girls, if they were real girls.
A parody based upon the American Girl Dolls series.

Directed by Lauren Ireland & Anni Weisband
Written by Lauren Ireland & Anni Weisband
Edited by Lauren Ireland
Sound design by Lauren Ireland
Produced by Leigh Alcott
DP + Camera Operator by Phebe Szatmari
Hair + Makeup by Sarah Wood
Art Direction by Nicole Alexander
PA/Grip by Billie Watson
Sound by Carina Jollie
Location by The Exely (
Music: Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings, and B.c. in D Minor, BWV 1043: I. Vivace by Johannes Bach & the Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra
Costumes by Ewa [Magic Attic] & Diane Purvis

Felicity: Alison Barton
Samantha: Anni Weisband
Molly: Betsy Kenney
Kirsten: Lauren Ireland
Addy: Akilah Hughes
Kit: Siobhan Thompson
Waiter: Frank Hejl
Stranger: Anna Suzuki
Extras: Kim Parker, Shannon Mann, Michael Hernandez

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